“Together, we can make a difference to create a more inclusive and educated world.”

Dilnaz W. (CLDP Donor)

Your giving makes an impact beyond the walls of Congress. Supporting CLDP lifts up a generation of American Muslims who have a passion for creating the change we all wish to see in this world. Our existing donors and supporters say it best…
Dr. Jawad A. Shah, MD

“The CLDP program is one of the most unique programs in the country…”

“The CLDP program is one of the most unique programs in the country, developing the next generation of young Muslims to help take care of the issues that we are responsible for across the country. Those responsibilities are not confined to just the Muslim community, there’s a community beyond ours of other faiths, of non-faiths, fellow Americans, and I think that our young people have a lot to contribute.

The CLDP program is able to train them and develop them in a way that they can be involved civic engagement unlike any other. They get to know Congress, they get to know presidential politics, local politics and understand policymaking. This is a very important and unique contribution that no other organization has reached at this level.”

Representative Andre Carson of Indiana’s 7th Congressional District says…