Our Summer Program Positions Fellows to Create Significant, Meaningful Change in Policy and Politics

CLDP provides unique access to networks inside government departments, sectors, support groups and other allies in Washington. We train our fellows to engage with elected officials and public figures in ways that create discourse and influence policy change. This program is unique to the Muslim community and has become a group that other organizations in our field aspire to.

Omair Mirza

Former Congressional Staffer and CLDP Co-founder

“CLDP serves the American Muslim community by fostering a pride in government service and creating a pipeline to careers on Capitol Hill and across Federal agencies. There is an archaic way of thinking in our community – if you’re not a doctor or an engineer, somehow you are subpar and that serving the government is an afterthought. This is a cancerous way of thinking that sells young American Muslims short. Consequently, the legislative branch suffers and our country is worse off because our perspectives aren’t included in the policy making process. Working for the United States government is a viable, noble and respectable career option for our kids and this fellowship program shows them the way.”

Fellows with Congressman Bernie Sanders